The Hibiscus-Nettle-Clove Hair Mask is an organic and ayurvedic product that is 100% chemical-free. It is specifically designed for oily hair and contains natural ingredients such as hibiscus, nettle, and clove. This hair mask helps to nourish and strengthen hair while reducing excess oil and promoting a healthy scalp. It is a natural and effective way to care for your hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

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The Hibiscus-Nettle-Clove Hair Mask is an organic and ayurvedic hair care product designed specifically for oily hair. This hair mask is 100% chemical-free and made from natural ingredients, making it safe and gentle for regular use. Hibiscus, nettle, and clove are the key ingredients in this hair mask, each of which has unique benefits for hair health. Hibiscus helps to nourish hair, improve its texture, and prevent hair fall. Nettle has astringent properties that help to control excess oil production on the scalp, while clove helps to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair roots. When used regularly, this hair mask can help to reduce oiliness, promote healthy hair growth, and prevent hair fall. It also helps to improve the overall texture and shine of the hair, making it look and feel healthier.

How To Use

Mix 2 tablespoons or more of this hair mask with yogurt/coconut milk/aloe vera/cooled brewed tea/any other nourishing liquid and apply the paste to the scalp, roots and ends. Leave it for one hour and then shampoo and conditioner as usual. Use once a week for strong and healthy hair.


  • Helps in strengthening and repairing scalp and hair issues.



Curry leaf powder, Clove powder, Hibiscus Powder, Methi Powder, Shikakai Powder, Amla Powder, Nettle Powder, Ginger Powder, Jojoba oil. Essential ols of Teatree, Basil, Turmeric.


Methi contains a variety of nutrients including protein, fiber, vitamins such as B vitamins and vitamin C, minerals such as iron and magnesium, and antioxidants such as flavonoids and saponins.


Ginger contains several bioactive compounds such as gingerols, shogaols, and zingerones, as well as volatile oils and antioxidants.

Curry leaf

Curry leaves contain carbazole alkaloids, essential oils, antioxidants, and vitamins such as A, B, C, and E, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus.


Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a rich source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

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